Daily Routine

Our daily routine is flexible to meet the needs of the individual children

Drinking water is available at all times

The morning begins at 8am when we open our doors for breakfast followed by free play.

We start our Pre-School day at 8.45am when parents/carers are welcomed to support children to self-register, hang up their coats and bags and to have a catch up with their Key Person.

The day’s fun starts straight away with lots of activities and resources for children to access freely.

During the morning the snack table is open for the children to select a healthy snack and a drink of milk or water. Children are supported and encouraged to be independent and manage their own snack, even the washing up!

Activities and learning continues throughout the morning with a mixture of adult and child led activities using our indoor and outdoor environment.

At around 11.30am, the lunch room will be open, giving the children the opportunity to choose when they are hungry or want to continue their play.

The children will be able to have their lunch in small groups to support and develop their social skills in a relaxed and engaging environment. By around 1pm all children will have eaten lunch and be back playing and learning.

At 11.45am our morning session ends and our doors open and we welcome new children to the fun and games. Those children that are leaving us will be collected from the main rooms giving their parents/ carers the opportunity to speak to their Key Person and see their child busy at play.

During the afternoon free play continues using both the indoors and outdoors areas allowing the children to access a wide range of provision.

At around 2.30pm after a blow of the horn and a 1-minute warning, the room is tidied and cleaned, ready for another day of play.

The children end the Pre-School day with a carpet time, songs and stories before heading home at 2.45pm.

Children that are staying with us for the afternoon extended hours will be offered an afternoon snack then continue to play with their chosen activities until closing collection time at 4.15pm.

Personal care needs will take place throughout the day according to the individual needs of the child.