“St Helen’s Pre-School is a lovely setting with wonderful and friendly staff. Everyone has been very supportive for me and my son who has learning difficulties due to a rare form of epilepsy. They have helped to organise the correct professional people in my sons life to ensure he is getting the support he needs and they are very cooperative when visits need to be done at Pre-School from Speech and Language Therapy, Portage, Assistant Practitioner and School2School. My son can sometimes be difficult but they have the patience and knowledge to calm him down and cheer him up. Since joining St Helen’s in January 2019 he has come on leaps and bounds and I cannot thank everyone enough for guiding him in the right direction and being so supportive to my son and also to myself. You are all amazing!!”

Sophie – November 2019

” St Helen’s Pre-School and ALL staff there are amazing!! I have had two children start from the age of 2 and one currently still attends. They helped my babies grow into confident and happy kids from being shy and timid and not wanting to leave mummy – (especially Julie) They are so attentive and have so much patience and care that I strongly feel my children are in the best hands. I would recommend this place to anyone I have already got two lots of my friends to send their children here as I so highly rated it! I have moved house recently and am now doing it an extra 20 minute per school run twice a day to still bring my little one here.”

Tasha – November 2019

” A fantastic team of professional staff and Committee members with a child centered approach. Our children were incredibly happy and truly flourished – learning and developing so much during their combined 5 years at St Helen’s.”

Paul – October 2019

“Friendly, helpful supportive staff, great facilities, and lovely environment. Staff were excellent in helping my daughter settle who was really shy and clingy to start and now really looks forward to going and is so much confident. Highly recommend to others”

Marie – September 2019


” I visited with Angelica’s Rainbow, bringing animals encounters to the children (and staff). It is a wonderful Pre-School, the children seem to be educated through play extremely well and they are very well cared for whilst in the Pre-School. The staff are wonderful with the children and visitors alike and there is a real sense of community and care within the school. Thanks for inviting us.

We (Angelica’s Rainbow) love getting invited there and this Easter’s encounter went extremely well and smoothly and the children seemed to get a lot out of spending time with our animals. I love that St Helen’s provides a wide variety of activities to keep the children engaged, learning and having fun. “

Lora – 6 April 2019


” Excellent care and supervision with good facilities, equipment and activities “

Phil – 8 March 2019


“Caring nurturing staff, very positive learning environment, manifestly achieving their vision of ‘ safe children, happy children'”

Stuart – 15 November 2018


” My little girl loves this place and I know she will be sad to leave when the time comes all the staff are lovely and I haven’t one bad word to say”

Gemma – 8 November 2018