The Committee

The Committee Role 

The committee role is a managerial one, ensuring that St Helen’s Pre-School meets its legal obligations, making decisions about the running of the setting and maintaining an overview of how the Pre-School is performing.

The responsibility is shared by the whole committee, not just one person and includes issues such as;

  • Recruitment and management of staff
  • Checking and approving policies
  • Managing finances
  • Safeguarding (protecting the children who use the setting)
  • Maintaining the quality of provision provided by St Helen’s staff in partnership with the Manager.

Why become a Committee Member?

Becoming a committee member means playing a valuable part in making sure St Helen’s Pre-School is providing the best service possible to the children and their families.

Why are Committees important?

They have the overall legal responsibility for the charity (Charities Act 1993)

They are crucial to help run as a charitable organisation and to provide the best possible start for children.

What makes a good Committee Member?

  • Cares about children’s attainment and achievement
  • Is willing to commit time and energy!
  • Values and respects the contribution made by different people
  • Attends relevant training and meetings
  • Maintains confidentiality
  • Is able to work as part of a team

Personal benefits of joining the Committee

  • Being involved in your child’s education from an early age
  • Being part of an organisation that helps children get the best start
  • Developing new skills and strengthening existing ones
  • Working with a wide variety of people from a variety of backgrounds

The Committee is always looking for new members to come and join our team! If you would like some more details please ask at the Pre-School! 

AGM Minutes 2023