Autumn 16/11/2020

This week has been quiet with regards to celebrations and public holidays, allowing us to focus on the children’s current interests and base activities and next steps around them.

Following on from Diwali, we’ve carried on the shapes and pattern theme. Introducing some activities based around this. Threading shapes to develop our fine motor skills. Following patterns and lines, zig zags, spirals etc, using gems, Pom poms or just simple coloured pencils.

We had shapes in water this week in orange room, scooping and sorting the shapes. And a game of shape bingo, looking for shapes in the environment and marking them off on our sheets. Both rooms had a go at being shape detectives, finding lots of different shaped objects around our rooms and outside.

This week we have been counting and learning numbers, using the ladybirds on a leaf game.

Some of the children love to look at photos of themselves and their friends on the iPads, (most of all they like to take selfies), so the play cameras and binoculars came out for the children to explore. It was so fun to look through the binoculars, everything was far away, then really close when we turned them around.

Yellow room have been on a bear hunt this week…. they splashed through the river, squelched through the mud and ran away from the big scary bear! The tuff tray was set up with the different scenes of the book to explore, and then the children took part in bear hunt yoga. (Link below)

Orange room experimented with shaving foam and the different patterns they could make, using potato mashers, spoons and pots. They took turns making some beautiful smelling playdough using fruit tea mixed with the water. It made the whole preschool smell like berries for the rest of the day.

Lots of our children love to build and create, this week there’s been lots of play focussed on the building blocks and stickle bricks. Sometimes keeping things simple allows the children to use their critical thinking and imaginations. We’ve had a zoo (equipped with cages for the animals), a car park, a police station, a tunnel, and many other things.

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