National story telling week and children’s mental health week 01/02/21

This week we celebrated national story telling week using activities based around our favourite stories and just books in general.

Orange room read the hungry caterpillar. They had lots of fun activities based around the book, playdough, adding sheets, making butterflies and flying them in the wind, games, jigsaw and they made some yummy smoothies at snack time.

Yellow room used the special reading chair to read to their friends. Some children chose to read familiar books, some followed the pictures and made up their own stories. They had a gruffallo theme, with playdough, a story scene set up in the tuff tray and colouring sheets. In the garden some children made a log pile house.

It was also children’s mental health week. We celebrated this by reading the colour monster book and looking at some colouring sheets while talking about our emotions and what colours they may be. The children looked at some different expressions and decided which emotion they were by placing them in each coloured circle.

We did some yoga, which helps our minds to relax, our favourite is still “we’re going on a bear hunt”. Then we took our mindfulness into the garden and used our senses to explore our surroundings.

We love to run around our amazing garden and some days we did just that. It helps us to feel free. We talked about our bodies and how to keep them healthy.

Some children have been talking about and drawing what makes them special. Talking about themselves in a positive way really helps to build their self confidence and helps them learn how to be kind to others.

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