Summer term part 1

Happy June!!!

What an amazing half term we’ve had at St Helens. Some great weather has seen us retreat to the garden for lots of our activities and learning which of course brings new opportunities and experiences for our little people.

The children have planted some vegetables and flowers in our vegetable patch, this year we’re growing strawberries, sprouts, potatoes, lettuce, peas and sunflowers. They have been taking great care of them by helping to water them, it’s exciting to watch them grow.

Did you see our duck eggs? For 28 days the boys and girls watched and waited patiently, checking the incubator each day to make sure it was the correct temperature and humidity for the eggs to grow. And finally 2 of the eggs hatched into beautiful ducklings which we named Helen (of course) and George. This was such an exciting opportunity, fitting in perfectly with our theme of growth and life cycles.

We’ve recently introduced a “sensory circuit” each morning. This consists of 3 songs. 1st an energetic song, 2nd a listening, action song, and 3rd a calm, relaxing song. Sensory Circuits are a short daily sensory motor skills programme that helps to set children up for a day. It enables children to reach the level of alertness needed to concentrate and to focus during the day.

This half term our children have enjoyed lots of activities based around bugs, life cycles, the natural world, our bodies, growth and changes over time.

Over the last week we celebrated our lovely queens jubilee. We had a very special afternoon tea snack, party songs, water play with fruit tea, we made crowns, flags and watched a video telling us all about the Queen and her jubilee.

Sadly we had to say goodbye to Helen and George, as much as we wanted to keep them, our preschool just isn’t a suitable home for ducks 😔 How ever, we are happy to tell you they have a lovely new home on a farm with a pond and some animal friends.

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