Autumn 23/11/2020

Another week has flown by at St Helen’s, time sure does fly when you are having fun. Heres what we’ve been up to…..

The week started off really really loud and noisy…. because we made some musical instruments using different bottles and objects to put inside. We experimented with different sounds, loud and quiet and predicted which objects would make which sounds.

We had dinosaurs in the tuff tray, with sand and crunchy pasta to explore, and role play.

The babies (dolls) were very well looked after this week, in both rooms, getting fed their bottles, dressed, cleaned and even going on the potty.

There were shape drawings, colour mixing with the paints, flour messy play, mud, mud and more mud, drawing on the light board, more amazing cutting skills, more amazing line drawings, we had some fabulous buildings created, and some children even drawed around each other when laying on the floor to measure and talk about sizes.

For exploring numbers this week, we played board games, built a cake tower, popcorn game, supermarket game, sorting dinosaurs and animals, jigsaws, and we read lots of stories.

Using our fantastic binoculars we made, some children went on a bear hunt… can you spot any bears???

A very special light arrived last week, a starry light. With the main lights off, blinds closed and some relaxing ocean music, we laid on the mats and listened while watching the lights on the ceiling and around the room. Everybody felt so relaxed and calm afterwards.

A child’s mental health is just as important as their physical health.

Harvest 05/10/2020

This week we’ve learned all about the harvest festival.

We explored vegetables, potatoes, sweetcorn, broccoli, and we tasted some sweetcorn and other sweet and sour foods.

In the garden we made mud pies, jumped over the tyres, created our own farm delivery, using the wheelbarrow to transport our veg.

Keeping with the theme of harvest we added the vegetables to our messy play, using them to make prints in playdough and paint. Rubbing leaves was so much fun.

When the weather was bad, we brought the stepping stones and tunnel indoors.

This is our current favourite song to dance to …