Remembrance week and children in need 9/11/20

Wow, such a busy week at St Helens Preschool Remembrance Day, Diwali and children in need.

The tuff trays were set up to encourage us to explore objects and language related to Remembrance Day. Sand, tanks, soldiers, poppies. We read stories about the brave soldiers and how they protected us. On YouTube we found videos of marching soldiers and copied them, marching to the beat of the drum. Some children had a go at beating the drum, following the rhythm. We also did army crawling under the table.

Using red paint/ tissue paper/ paper plates we made poppies, these are displayed in our windows for everybody to see. Threading red wool through green material to create poppies took a lot of concentration and helped us to focus on our fine motor skills. We even had a poppy inspired snack!!

This week we’ve also had a shape theme going on. Using fishing nets we scooped the shapes out of the coloured water, naming the shapes and sorting into groups. Using shapes cut out of coloured paper we stuck them onto black paper to create pictures.

How amazing are we using one handed tools? Check out our scissor skills, even showing the ladies how to carry them safely!!

We celebrated Diwali by creating patterns and shapes onto hands, and making beautiful cds that sparkled in the sunshine. Listening to some Indian music we danced around with the scarves, making shapes in the air.

Children in need day was full of great activities, some boys and girls came in wearing CIN T-shirt’s or jumpers and the ladies wore special CIN ears. There was a giant pudsey for us to colour, then decorate with yellow paper (also in the window). Orange room made some fantastic pudsey masks, and yellow room decorated playdough with Pom poms to represent pudseys spotty bandana.

Also this week….









But most important of all…. playing, learning and smiling!!