It’s the end of November and the beginning of the build up to Christmas. We’ve planned lots of Christmas activities this month and the elf has come to visit…. getting up to mischief as I’m sure you have seen by now.

Our rooms have been transformed into Christmas wonderlands, with decorations, lights and pretty trees that the children have been decorating while listening to Christmas music. The book corners are now cosy Christmassy igloos, filled with books focussed on winter and Christmas.

The tuff trays were filled with coloured sand for mark making and festive stencils to copy. We kept the mud tray as this is a favourite with the children, they love to transfer the mud, filling and emptying the trucks and diggers.

Using the weighing scales, the boys and girls have been experimenting which things are heavy or light and which weigh the same.

Using our fine motor skills to work the tweezers, we matched pom poms into the correct coloured holes in a Christmas tree shaped box.

Using our gross motor skills we danced with the scarves, making patterns in the air and watching them float down to the ground. When we put them over our eyes it made everything turn a different colour.

This week we created lots of Christmas crafts. It was fun to make Christmas trees using triangles, we also got to write our letters to Santa. The elf has been very mischievous, first he drawed over all the ladies photos, then he was making snow angels on the table. He did read a lovely story to some dinosaurs, wonder what he will get up to next week….

The best part of all this week was on a very chilly Friday it started to SNOW!!! Most of the children had never seen snow before so we quickly wrapped up warm and went into the garden. It was so pretty, the snow flakes landed on our hair and our coats, but they melted when we tried to catch them in our hands. The wind was very cold meaning we couldn’t stay outside too long, once inside we sat and watched the snow from the window.