Halloween 12/10/2020

What has happened to our rooms this week?? Big cobwebs, spiders, bats, pumpkins and all things Halloween.

What a week filled with lots of Halloween activities! Here’s some of them….

Playdough – using grey and black playdough to make spiders. With pipe cleaners, lollipop sticks and googley eyes to decorate.

Pumpkins – we decorated them, explored the pulp, filled one with jelly, hammered pegs into them, looked at differences in the pumpkins, big/small/color/weight.

Apples are great for paint printing, ours looked like mini pumpkins. We made bats to hang around our room, then we took them outside in the wind. We also made spider webs, using gloopy glue and white paint.

The children in orange room were brave to put their hands inside the Halloween feely box, and describe what they could feel inside.

Yellow room have been reading room on the broom, and in the garden made a broomstick using sticks and string.

When the sun came out, our Halloween decorations made some fantastic shadows on the blinds.

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