Firework week 02/11/2020

We’ve spent this week whizzing, crackling and whooshing around, learning all about fireworks and bonfire night. 💥

We started off the week planting our pumpkin seeds from last week, lets hope they will grow into giant pumpkins. 🎃

Both rooms have enjoyed colour mixing, we added shaving foam and gloop for extra texture. We also used coloured water and pippets to help develop our fine motor skills. 🧫

We created some amazing firework pictures exploring different ways to print, using marbles rolled in paint and adding glitter for the sparkle effect. And also using frayed cardboard tubes and straws to give a firework shape. 🎇

In the garden we drew fireworks on the ground using chalks. Our role play was set up for us to create a big bonfire. We spoke about fire safety and things at home that may be too hot to touch. Then we pretended to warm our hands while cooking sausages and marshmallows on our bonfire 🔥

We practiced our cutting skills snipping around bun cases to create a firework picture. ✂️

We listened to some firework sounds and copied them, then, we tried moving like fireworks, starting off small and whizzing into the air before exploding into a big jump. 🤸🏼

Going into the end of the week and a second lockdown, the emotion puppets came out to play. The children can put on a show using the puppets and this can help them to express any emotions they may be feeling. It also allows us to introduce the language of emotions.

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