January 04/01/2021

Welcome back everyone. We hope you all had a great Christmas and a happy new year.

What an eventful start to the year with yet another lockdown. As early years remain open, it’s back to business for us at St Helen’s and it’s great to see so many smiling faces.

Things are a little bit strange for young children at the moment. They can’t see loved ones or friends, parents are extra tired, their siblings aren’t at school and there’s a lot of talk about this virus, keeping safe and distant. It’s a worrying time for the little ones who don’t quite understand. We’ve made sure to put out some toys which the children love, the familiarity helps them feel reassured and can reduce any anxiety while at preschool.

In play dough this week, the children have been making snowmen. Also using cotton pads to glue and stick to create their own snowmen.

It’s great to have the emotion puppets out. Especially at the moment. The children have been practising their emotion faces, however we have had to cover these. They are learning that it’s ok to feel sad, angry, scared and how to manage these feelings. They have also acted out their own stories using the theatre, giving them the chance to express their personalities.

The children have played learning games, with colours, animals and numbers. The tuff tray was set up for exploring numbers and using the tweezers to develop fine motor skills.

We had a play with the weighing scales, exploring the language of weight. And the magnetic letters allowed us to recognise some of the letters in our names.

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