Lots and lots of activities have been happening this week…

The sun came out for a couple of days, even though it was still very very cold, we made the most of it and had a run around in the garden. On the days when the weather was too bad to go outside, we experimented different ways of moving over the stepping stones and jumping over and between the planks of wood.

The dart board was a great way for us to try to recognise numbers, and turn taking as we all really wanted to have a go.

Can you see the big big towers we built using the foam bricks? One of the towers was even taller than us!!

It was very fun to paint our feet and make prints on the paper. We haven’t tried this before and we all really enjoyed it.

Some of us have been learning about our bodies, we drew pictures of ourselves using the mirror to see our faces. We compared the differences with our friends, we all have blue, brown or green eyes. And we compared our hair colours.

We have a weather theme in both rooms at the moment, and we’ve been looking closely at ice, snow and wintery weather. Using various activities to promote new language, communication and introducing quantities. Which animals live in the cold weather? See if we can remember and talk about it at home…

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