25/01/21 – Burns night and Australia Day

This week we’ve been looking at some Scottish and Australian traditions. To celebrate Burns Night and Australia Day.

For burns night the children decorated Scottish flags, thistles, and created tartan while talking about Scotland. We listened to bagpipe music and watched the bands march in the parade on YouTube. We copied the marching, using objects from the room as drums. To celebrate Australia Day, the children coloured kangaroos, while talking about animals that live in Australia. We listened to some didgeridoo sounds on YouTube.

Orange room have been making bird feeders, to hang in the garden. We are looking forward to watching the birds from the windows.

Messy play this week has been focussed on colour mixing. Orange room used coloured water and gloop. The children loved the gloop, watching and feeling it drip through their fingers, adding different paint to mix and create new colours.

Yellow room have been carrying on learning about our bodies. This week using construction to look at our body parts and their shapes. How we grow, and what we need to help our bodies grow. Then ending the week with some physical exercises, and talk about how our hearts beat faster when we exercise.

Did you know we use the ‘yoga pretzels’ cards, exploring different poses. The children get really engaged in this. There are some great yoga stories on YouTube (link below) that you can practise at home.

Next week is National Story Telling Week. We would love to hear all about your favourite stories and see you reading them at home. You can email photos across to be uploaded onto your child’s learning journey, or share to our closed Facebook page.


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