This week has been focussed on our current themes of weather and our bodies.

We’ve been looking at numbers and building using sugar cubes in our tuff trays. Also talking about animals that live in cold countries like penguins and polar bears. We made some penguins by drawing and cutting around our hands and built igloos for the animals to live in.

The children really enjoyed last weeks activity of drawing themselves using a mirror, and some children asked to it again this week. With added language and conversation about how to take care of our bodies. Eat, drink, sleep, exercise and wash. We filled the water tray with soapy water and washed the babies, then dressed them and tucked them into bed with a story.

The children spent time in the garden climbing over the tyres and moving around in different ways. Also taking the babies for a walk around the garden in their buggies.

Some children created a puppet show, using the emotion books and puppets, exploring different expressions on their faces.

Understandably we have a few children who aren’t in setting at the moment. Each key person has been keeping in touch via weekly telephone or zoom calls. The children are missing their friends and look forward to being able to play together soon.

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