Chinese New Year, shrove tuesday. 22/02/2021

The first half of this week, we celebrated shrove Tuesday with some delicious pancakes to try for snack.

We had yellow, lemon scented playdough and used rolling pins to make pancakes that we flipped up into the air and caught in the pan. Adding mathematics into our play by using numbered pancakes to recognise numerals, and practise our counting and sequences.

We really enjoyed looking at the ingredients needed to make pancakes and experimenting by mixing them all together. The children cracked the eggs, squeezed the lemon and whisked the mixture into a big sloppy mess, but oh what fun we had. The best part was watching the children’s critical thinking on how to ‘open’ the egg.

During the second half of the week, we celebrated Chinese New Year, this year being the year of the Ox, with the following activities.

Yummy Chinese food for snack. Noodles, prawn crackers, lychees, oranges and fortune cookies. How clever are we using our fine motor skills to work the chopsticks!!

Dragon dancing in the garden, with drums to create a rhythm for the dragon to march to. Look at the amazing dragon, we all had a turn being inside and moving in different ways, up and down, fast and slow.

Chinese writing. Using black paint to explore and create our own Chinese numbers.

The great race book. We read the book, then some children used the props to tell their own story, and some children had their own race in the garden.

Thanks to the great weather, we’ve enjoyed lots of time outside this week. Taking part in some jumping, colour matching games and having fun with the parachute.

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