World book day 01/03/2021

Hello March 🐝🌸🍀🦋

We celebrated world book day this week and although we aren’t allowed to dress up in our usual world book day costumes.. we didn’t let that dampen the mood!!

We had tons of amazing activities this week, starting with messy play (soil) and magnifying glasses to find and inspect the insects hidden in the mud.

Building blocks to work on our prepositions.

Water play to predict which objects will sink or float.

A rhyming activity, using pegs to find the rhyming words.

The three little pigs tuff tray, where we could build our own homes for the pigs, using the props to recite and recall the story as we play.

Lots of fantastic physical play in the garden. Using our great balancing skills to stand on one foot, even while holding an object. We also introduced number recognition in outdoor play, by adding number placemats. The children were instructed to move to each number in different ways (hopping, jumping, walking backwards) each time the music stopped.

We decorated a large tiger when he came for tea…. using felttips, scrap paper and crayons.

Some children got to spend some time in the woodwork area, using real nails and hammers. Not forgetting our safety goggles of course.

Orange room read the book “aliens love underpants” and threaded and decorated their own underpants, for developing those fine motor skills and creative thinking, incorporating some shape recognition along the way.

Have you seen our kindness jar?? The children have been receiving hearts for their acts of kindness to others. They can also award hearts to their friends. #bekind

Check out our new story box. “It’s magic” the children said. A new story appears inside each time it is opened. With resources to help tell the story.

Next week we welcome back the children that have been home learning during lockdown. We’re very excited to see you.

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