15/03 – 26/03

We’ve come to the end of spring term, the weather brightened up and we spent more time out in the garden.

Orange room created a mini village, with real mini characters, allowing the children to role play going to each other’s homes and shops, to create a sense of belonging. Something which they have commented on during the pandemic. This also encouraged the children to recognise logos of familiar places.

We opened a shop in yellow room, using our great maths and role play skills to buy and sell items.

Celebrating St Patrick’s day, the children decorated four leaf clovers, danced to Irish music, we added rainbows, pots of gold and leprechauns to our rooms to enhance to encourage new conversations incorporating Understanding the world.

We enjoyed a lovely mindful afternoon listening to calming music while doing our breathing exercises and watching the glitter jars. Woodwork also helps us to concentrate, and focus our attention.

The children love to sing “we’re going on a bear hunt” and in orange room the children used random items that they pretended were binoculars to look out of the windows for bears. Following on from this, we made our own binoculars. We extended this activity even further by going into the garden using the bug hunt resources to search for living creatures (luckily no bears were found). All the while promoting care and concern for living things and our environment.

Yellow room joined orange room on the grass and we ended the day with some running, crawling, jumping and just enjoying being reunited with our friends.

Happy Easter to all our families. Have a great holidays and we will see you on April 12th.

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