Another fun week of learning at St Helen’s.

We’ve had lots and lots of mark making this week, in sand, in paint, in soap/foam, and on paper.

Orange room became doctors, and rushed to help their patients, from checking their temperature and heartbeats, to bandaging their sores. The children were such caring doctors.

Yellow room had lots of fun splashing and sploshing in foamy soap suds. Making marks on the sponges, squeezing, filling and emptying and talking about how to wash our hands.

In the garden, we’ve hunted bears, wiggly worms, spiders, dinosaurs and even snakes. We had running races, walking races, backwards races, jumping, hopping, freezing, and carried on from last weeks fantastic balancing.

The children made some beautiful Mother’s Day pictures, we hope you enjoyed seeing them in the windows. And we used the opportunity of Mother’s Day to talk about, and draw our families and who lives in our home.

On the days when we couldn’t go outside, our physical exercise came indoors. With some stepping stone balancing, super duper dancing, ball rolling, and a really fun over and under activity using hula hoops and chairs.

Orange room enjoyed mixing the colours of the rainbow using their hands. Then added shaving foam to create a new texture.

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