Hello and welcome back after the Easter holidays.

This week we’ve enjoyed some warmer weather and it’s been a great opportunity to spend as much time as possible outside enjoying and exploring our new garden.

The children have most definitely enjoyed the trim trail, showing off their amazing balancing skills, and using their gross motor skills to climb over the apparatus.

Our new outdoor area has given us the freedom and ability to explore new things, including creating our very own vegetable patch, where we are growing carrots, lettuce, tomatoes and much more. This has been planted by the children, and is watered by them every day. Giving them a sense of pride and allowing them to take notice of the changes over time and growth.

Leading on to our new visitors. Some very tiny caterpillars have come to stay. Every day the children have asked to see them and check how much they have grown. They are so excited to watch and learn about the process of metamorphosis. Once the caterpillars turn into butterflies and are strong enough we will release them into the garden.

You can watch our Facebook page for updates on the caterpillars.

We have been celebrating Easter and the Muslim festival of Ramadan, promoting understanding of differences between us and our friends. We talked about praying in churches and in mosques, shared stories, and played memory games using pictures associated with with each belief system. We made Easter cards and decorated eggs as well as moon and stars.

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