This week is the second week of the summer term, the children are really enjoying the outdoor area and exploring all the different areas. The vegetable patch is being well looked after, with daily watering and of course the lovely sunshine to help to grow the plants and vegetables.

The caterpillars have grown much bigger. Every day the children ask to see them and to see if they have grown. In small groups we sit and talk about the caterpillars. What they are eating, how they are growing and what will happen next. It’s all very exciting. We are hoping that over the weekend they will make their cocoons.

For snack this week we tried some of the foods from the ‘hungry caterpillar’ story. While reading the story, we ate the different foods (some new) and had lots of conversation around growth and changes over time. Then using empty boxes in the garden as cocoons, we role-played growing from a tiny egg into a caterpillar then a beautiful butterfly.

We celebrated St Georges Day, with flag making, and castle building. Using dragons and knights to listen and learn through play about St George and why some religions celebrate on this day.

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