Happy May Day.

We started the week with a bank holiday due to May Day. When we returned on Tuesday we celebrated with some maypole dancing, using ribbon and hoops. We learned about the maypole and watched videos of other children dancing around it. We created fire pictures using rollers and paint.

The caterpillars have finally emerged from their cocoons as beautiful butterflies. We created our own butterflies with paint, folding the paper in half to create a symmetrical effect, and using the coloured dabbers to count dots onto the wings.

On Friday we released our butterflies into the garden. They were quite reluctant and didn’t seem to want to leave us. One child said they needed more energy, another said they were just warming up their wings. It was so special to see them fly off into the garden.

Using stamps and paint we created some shape pictures. Looking at the different shapes of the stamps and then comparing to shapes around our rooms.

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