We do love a Monday at preschool. We started our week with some new activities, keeping with our theme of life cycles, this week is all about frogs in yellow room. The tuff tray set out for exploring the life cycle of a frog, green playdough with added googly eyes and green Pom poms. We’ve been singing 5 little speckled frogs, with the children taking turns to be the frogs, “jumping into the pool, where it was nice and cool….”

Speaking of cool…. have you seen the video posted on our private Facebook page of the crackling jelly baff… it was a sensory explosion, feeling the cold jelly in the water while listening to the crackles at the same time. The children chose to add fish and and other sea creatures.

Orange room had a bug exploration tray, with rice for tipping and pouring and numbered butterflies. Orange room planted some seeds this week, these should be coming home soon to plant and watch grow. After a messy afternoon playing with the orange soapy flakes, the children even turned orange!! They couldn’t get enough of the sludgy, soapy mixture and really enjoyed pouring it, scooping it and splashing it.

Using lots and lots of recycling, we made some fantastic creations. The children decided what they wanted to make, chose their boxes/tubs and chose whether to use gloopy glue, cellotape or stick glue to fix it together. The ladies were blown away with the children’s creations.

This week orange room had lots of poorly patients, needing urgent care from the doctors and nurses. The office was extremely busy, with the “office lady” trying desperately to get through to the nurses who “never answered their phones”. There was a long queue in the waiting area, but peace was restored when the doctor finally arrived with the special medicine. All patients made a full recovery, even Paula who managed to break a few bones!

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