This week the children have explored different textures. We heard some great language around the “feel” of different materials.

Using sand and shaving foam as cement, they built some amazing towers and walls. Making sure to keep safe with their hard hats and hi-vis vests, this allowed us to engage in lots of conversation about danger and using tools safely. Leading on to some real building in our woodwork area.

We explored shapes in our environment, first in our rooms and then moving onto the garden. We used a book full of images of our garden to locate the object and recognise the shapes.

The children made sure our flowers and vegetables had lots of water to keep them hydrated over half term.

“Look at us with our huge box”. The endless possibilities playing with a large empty box. We love providing the freedom for our children to use their imagination and really enjoy listening to them as they role play. And who doesn’t love hiding in a huge box?

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