This weeks blog was written by the children…..

We did painting standing up. It was this stuff you could see through, cling film yes that’s it. I enjoy that. I painted a beautiful picture. (SF & JG aged 4)

We did decorating in the garden. I looked at the plants, I gave them water to help them grow. Do you know what else they need to grow? Soil, and sun. That will make those plants grow really tall won’t it? (GD aged 3)

I played that crocodile thing (xylophone) with my new friend next to me. We sang songs, we were doing very well. My favourite song is baa baa black sheep. My favourite is Ana and Elsa (SF & JG aged 4)

I liked bathing babies and playing on the tyres. (NP aged 4)

We were helping all the dinosaurs, they were stuck in the tray. We untangled them and used scissors to cut them free. (MW & LG aged 4)

People wanted to be police officers and it’s what we have over there. (MW aged 4)

We used the light to look at them bone pictures, and we finded out which body part it was. (MR aged 3)

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