Hello!!! And welcome back to St Helen’s preschool!

Over the summer, we made a few changes to our setting, as you can see from the pictures the rooms are almost back to how they were before covid, with a few tweaks here and there as we are always reviewing and reflecting our practice, based on how the children move around and use the environment. The relaxation of certain covid-19 rules has allowed us to create a more free-flow setting where the children are free to make their own choices as to where they would like to play.

It’s been great to welcome you all inside the setting, we hope you have enjoyed looking around and seeing all the things we’ve learned over the year. Some parents have never been inside so it feels really nice to be able to show you all around and share with you what wonderful learners your children are.

Our snack routine has had a revamp, the children are now free to self select their snack, giving them the opportunity to make choices and practice their independence, with pouring, scooping, spreading and making decisions. They are picking up the routine very quickly, after snack they then wash up their plates and cups, which has gone down very well, some children even insisting on washing up for their friends!

In the vegetable patch we’ve grown enough potatoes to feed a small village, please feel free to help yourselves when you come in to preschool; we’re very good at sharing 😉. But do let us know how they tasted!

The children have enjoyed the garden a lot this week, getting out to feel the warm sunshine while it lasts. Lots of water play to cool us down and of course, the trim trail is still a strong favourite.

The books we are reading this term are ‘dear zoo’ and ‘little rabbit foo foo’, and the songs we’re learning are “twinkle twinkle, old MacDonald, if you’re happy and you know it and head shoulders knees and toes”.

We’re welcoming some new boys and girls over the next few weeks, so hello to you all and welcome.

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