13/09 – 24/09

A special 2 week blog for you this week… it’s been such a busy time settling back into routines.

The first week we had lots of fun role playing in the garden, the children built a campfire and we cooked marshmallows and sausages over it.

After school club have been making their own sandwiches and learning to use a cheese grater.

We’ve been doing some shape recognition, with big planks of wood, and creating smaller shapes using lollipop sticks.

We love to explore playdough using different instruments to roll, cut, squeeze and shape. Adding smells and textures to enhance our senses.

When the weather was bad we danced away to some Zumbini songs. Joining in with the actions and singing.

Some children went on a nature hunt, looking for bugs and pretty flowers around the garden. Can you spot incey watching from the projector??

Last week was recycle week. We celebrated this by using recycling to create our own masterpieces. Glueing and sticking, cutting and painting. Using our imaginations to create whatever we wanted. There were houses, cars, diggers, aeroplanes, towers, even a robot!! At lunch we talked about the things we can recycle from our lunchboxes and when we finished we placed them in the recycling bin.

In the garden the children used the wheelbarrows and pickup trucks to transport and organise the recycling into boxes.

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