Jumping into a new week with an army themed obstacle course, using resources from our outdoor construction area and the garden to create a challenging trail to follow. Over, under, through, around, jump, balance, turn, hop, run, crawl, we learned lots of new ways to move around, and how to have confidence and to trust our bodies when trying something new.

The children learned about Remembrance Sunday, why we celebrate, and remember the soldiers with lots of activities, stories and role play. Tanks and soldiers in the sand, and tipping and pouring rice, creating our own poppies in the tray with the different coloured rice. We watched a YouTube video showing soldiers in parade, then copied them, practising our good marching and standing tall to the rhythm of the drum. We made our own poppies, using recycled bottles and coloured in poppy pictures. We also had a poppy inspired snack where we had a go at tasting some new things – strawberries, blackberries and blueberries.

To help us build relationships with our friends and learn to turn take, in big groups, we worked together to roll the marble through the paint using a tuff tray. We had to carefully tip the tray to get the marble moving. By using our good listening skills, we created a beautiful picture with lots of colours mixed together.

We’re noticing some changes in the garden, the leaves have turned brown, orange and yellow and have fallen to the ground. It must mean the seasons are changing. We had great fun exploring the joys of autumn, throwing leaves in the air and getting muddy. There’s adventure everywhere.


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