Hello, and happy weekend to you all.

Here’s what we’ve been up to recently….

We started bonfire week off with a bang…. Literally!! With some fantastic firework activities, using paint in shaving foam to flick around and create colourful pictures. Using brushes in sand to make our own pretty patterns. Some amazing firework dancing, starting tiny and small and listening for the firework explosions on the iPad, then jumping up and down to represent the bangs of the fireworks. Adding in the streamers to make patterns of different fireworks in the air. These were great for creating a Catherine wheel effect.

The children were so engaged and interested in learning all about Diwali and really enjoyed some new activities. Starting with decorating hands with pretty jewels and colours, also turning CDs into beautiful lights. We heard the story of Diwali and had great fun learning Diwali dancing, (although slightly more energetic than the ladies anticipated, phew!) We had a go at drawing some Rangoli (beautiful art work) patterns on the floor using stencils and chalks and creating diya (oil lamp made from clay) and firework pictures. We’ve learned lots of new language this week and had some great opportunities to ask questions and learn about the world.

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