Road safety and children in need week.

We learned lots this week about how to stay safe on and around the road. In the garden we set up a role play, with a zebra crossing and traffic lights. The children used the ride in cars to act out being safe around the road.

We made the most of a lovely autumn day by exploring the outer garden area on a nature walk. We found some interesting autumn treasure, then added it to playdough, creating new textures and the opportunity to develop our describing words.

It was a special spotty week, as we celebrated children in need. It was great to see your sparkly and spotty outfits. We had tons of spotty activities, working together in pairs the children went on a spot hunt, looking for spots in the environment and marking off on the sheets when they found them. Using fine motor skills and pipettes we dripped spots over the tissue paper, it was great fun to see the spots spread over the paper creating a tie-dye effect.

The water in the water tray had turned yellow this week, and smelled like lemons, we used the fishing nets to scoop up Pudseys spots. Following the theme of children in needs “strictly come dancing” we watched a YouTube video of ballroom dancing and copied, joining up with our friends to dance around the room.

Well done to the biscuit competition winner!! Enjoy your box of biscuits!!

In small groups, the children have been learning about their bodies. They had the opportunity to look at some X-rays of bones, then created their own body pictures, using white string to represent the bones.

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