It’s been 2 fantastic weeks since our last blog… get ready it’s a big one!!!

The week started off sunny and dry, we took full advantage and went on a squirrel hunt around the garden. The children love watching the squirrels from our big windows, sadly we didn’t find any in the garden, maybe they heard us coming.

Leading on from and extending the children’s love of cars and car ramps, we added a little paint. The wheels made some great patterns and marks over the paper.

We drew and spoke about our families, noticing how we are all very different and so are our families.

The children are learning how to look after our environment and have been using small compost and recycling bins at snack and lunch times, then adding to the large compost bin in the garden.

One wet and windy afternoon we got out the large parachute inside and played some games, moving it up and down, fast and slow. Then we climbed underneath.

Brrrrr the weather seemed to get very wintery this week. The children were so excited to find ice in the garden. We brought it inside for a closer inspection. We talked a lot about seasons, weather, what is ice and what happens when it melts.

The children took part a science experiment this week adding alkaseltzer to bottles of water, oil and food colouring. It was so exciting waiting to see what would happen. The children were so engaged in this activity, predicting what would happen then cheering when the bubbles reached the top.

We also made mug cakes last week, following instructions and predicting what would happen to the cakes in the microwave. They were very delicious!!

The children celebrated Hanukkah, listening to a story about the reasons why we celebrate it and we decorated menorahs by cutting out and adding candles.

Next week we will begin our Christmas activities, Including Christmas cards, calendars, letters to Santa, Christmas singing and dancing. We were also very happy to welcome “ Betty Elf” to preschool. Although he has been getting up to lots of mischief already!!!

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