Welcome back 2022!!!

Hello and welcome back after the Christmas and new year break!!

It’s been a very busy time at St Helens, with everyone returning after the break with lots of stories to tell.

The weather has turned and winter is definitely upon us. We took full advantage of this, by wrapping up warm and heading into the garden to explore the ice and feel the cold air on our skin.

Frost and ice makes for a great talking point, the children enjoyed finding the ice, breaking it and checking out the pretty patterns under the microscopes. We learned what makes ice, and what happens to it when the sun comes out , or when it meets our warm skin. As we walked over the grass we listened to the crunch of the frosty leaves under our feet, and learned how to take extra care over the concrete incase it was slippery.

Inside we used syringes to squirt water over ice cubes, exploring how to make it melt and thinking of different ways to free the toys.

Some children joined in with a workout session, getting those muscles working and keeping warm by stretching and moving around in different ways.

Snack this term is focused on trying new things, new flavours and textures. This week we particularly enjoyed the different flavoured rice cakes and lemon yoghurt.

We had a visit from some workmen who had come to clear the drains and guttering in the playground. It was very interesting watching them from the window as the Jets cleared all the leaves and mud away.

A different way of drawing, by putting paper on the floor. We’ve stencilled shapes, using different types of crayons and pens. And mostly just enjoyed laying on our tummies to colour.

We look forward to another exciting and adventurous term at St Helens and can’t wait share it with you.

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