September 2022

After a busy first 2 weeks at St Helens, we’ve settled back into our daily routine. Enjoying the last of the warmer dry weather we’ve been outside as much as possible.

We noticed a nest in the tree, with a mummy pigeon carefully warming her eggs. A few days later 2 little heads were seen poking out of the nest. The children left bird feed on the ground for the birds. It was interesting to see how quickly the baby birds grew and finally were strong enough to leave the nest. What a fantastic experience for our boys and girls.

Following on from our book of the term “dear zoo”, we’ve been looking at big and small animals, matching the babies to their mummy or daddy, talking about the story and the differences in the animals. On a particularly warm day we took the yoga mats outside and practised some animal poses before a mindfulness activity exploring the natural world using our senses.

The children have been practising balance and coordination, this will support them in carrying out daily routines, for example, carrying food on a plate, pouring drinks, getting themselves dressed.

We celebrated recycle week with some junk modelling and lots of conversation around the environment in which we live and why we need to take care of it. The water tray (the ocean) became polluted with lots of rubbish, the children helped to remove it using fishing nets, saving the living creatures from harmful objects.

Lots of messy play this last 2 weeks, gloop, mud, chalking, and a bubble wrap activity that involved lots of paint and colour!!

In October we will be looking forward to the changing season, watching the leaves in our garden turn and feeling the cooler weather when we go outside. We will have some autumn activities set up, ready to explore new experiences. Look out for our scavenger hunt fundraiser coming up in October, and St Helens will be taking park in the scarecrow trail set up through costessey.

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