October 2022

🎃 Happy Halloween 🎃

First of all we hope you had a lovely half term break. Here’s some things we’ve been doing throughout October.

The fact we have such a big garden and large windows brings some great learning opportunities, the leaves have been changing and turning into some really interesting colours. In celebration of harvest, we added some real vegetables (carrots, potatoes, and pumpkins) to our indoor and outdoor role play kitchens. The children practised balancing by carrying the veg on plates, and maths by counting the potatoes.

The children took park in an activity using tweezers to pick up conkers and place them in cups, this required precision, patience and coordination. Practising our fine motor skills. We also read the helpful hedgehog which is a lovely book focusing on autumn and how to be kind.

Helping the children with learning names of their peers, building relationships and confidence amongst their friends, we introduced a ball rolling game. Rolling the ball to our friends by calling their names.

We looked at our bodies, drew around them and stuck on hair and facial features. We spoke about the differences between us and our friends. Also the children helped to make a tree, and measured each other, noticing who was tallest and shortest and who was the same.

This month we celebrated Halloween with some Halloween themed activities. Including, scooping, balancing, creating, rolling, dancing, building, mixing, pouring, filling, painting, sticking, counting and most importantly of all enjoying!!!

What a brilliant month full of learning fun. We look forward to what November will bring….

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