January 2023

It’s a new year and what a great way to celebrate by welcoming you back to preschool. We hope you enjoyed your Christmas break and are ready for a new year of learning and exploring.

Our book theme for this half term is “we’re going on a bear hunt.” So we’ve set out lots of activities based on the book. For example, bear hunt yoga, a bear hunt around the garden, bear hunt hide and seek, a bear hunt sensory experience. We added a cave to the yellow room.

Chinese new year came along and this year is the year of the rabbit. The children tried some Chinese food at snack time, ate with chopsticks, had a go at Chinese dragon dancing, made some Chinese fans and money wallets and with lots of conversation on Chinese traditions and celebrations.

The weather has been super cold, but as you know we love all weathers, so we wrapped up warm and headed out to explore the wintery scene. The frost made our garden look magical and sparkly, especially spiderwebs. The children noticed when breathing out they could see their breath, some of them called it “dragon breath.” We had great fun breaking up the ice, watching it melt in the sun and inspecting the bubbles and patterns inside. We took some ice inside to carry on our learning adding different tools, paint and glitter.

The children have been exploring colour mixing using paint in ziplock backs, to poke, squish and squeeze, guessing what colour it might change to. Some boys and girls carried this on at the paint easel, wondering what would happen to mix colours on the paper… and in their hands. What a lovely squishy experience.

As always, dinosaurs are a firm favourite at preschool. So we transformed the lunch room into the dinosaur park!! With lots of physical play, climbing, balancing, throwing, but also building, colouring and some books to sit and read. Some boys and girls shared their stories from going to the dinosaur park.

It was great to welcome some of our parents in for parents evening. We would like to Thank you for all the positive feedback we received.

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