February 2022

Happy February!!

A few exciting celebrations happened this month. We celebrated Valentine’s Day, pancake day, St David’s day, we enjoyed a half term holiday and when we returned we had lots of story based activities to coincide with World Book Day.

We do love our messy play here at St Helens, and this month we were not short of fun opportunities to get messy. Shaving foam, painting with sponges, heart shapes, our hands and fingers, more shaving foam, playdough (valentines themed) and a sensory fruity water tray using fruits we have on our pancakes.

Indoor and outdoor physical activities this month saw us scoring goals into happy and sad themed goals, playing musical statues then when the music stopped the children had to find the correct coloured heart and stand by it. The great pancake race took place during pancake week (like egg and spoon race… but with a pancake… in a frying pan) what fun we have had! We introduced Danny Go Go (you’re welcome parents) to our music and movement sessions! The ice king is now a firm daily favourite, the monkey song coming a close second.

During one of our yoga sessions we practised breathing while feeling our tummies rising up and down. Then we placed teddy’s on our tummy’s and watched them rise up and down as we breathed in and out.

The children have been practising concentration and control, following lines using scissors, or pencils, and colouring sheets. And some children had a turn in the woodwork area, creating their own masterpieces.

We begun our World Book day celebrations early, to ensure all children have a chance to join in the festivities. We set up a cosy corner in the lunch room to share stories the children have brought from home and some story sacks.

Now we look forward to March!! Hoping for lots of lovely warmer weather so we can get outside and enjoy the fresh air. As much as we love the wintery weather… nothing beats the joy that comes from spring.

Keep your eyes peeled for news of our Easter Open morning… coming soon!!

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