March 2023

Wahoo it’s spring!! And we’re ready for it with spring themed activities and preparations underway for our Easter open morning!

Carrying on from World Book Day the children came in wearing their costumes and brought their favourite books to share in our “book nook”. We had various book themed activities, including making a stick man, gingerbread man playdough, and story sacks.

Just when we thought it was time to bust out the summer hats… the heavens opened and coated our garden in soft white snow. So we wrapped up warm and went out to explore!! Some children were definitely not keen on this strange, cold, white stuff (it was the first time some of our children had ever experienced snow)… others loved it.. making snow angels and throwing snowballs at the ladies!

We took advantage of the bad weather with some indoor physical activities. We got out the parachute and the children learned how to listen and follow instructions, making the parachute loud, quiet and listening when to start and stop. Windy weather saw us in the garden with ribbons, making circles and waves. We loved holding them up to see which way the wind was blowing.

A heavy downpour of rain brought lots of wiggly worms onto the concrete. A group of children were keen to ‘save’ the worms and carefully collected them before placing them in one of our flower pots.

The children are really enjoying building of any kind at the moment. We’ve set up lots of activities, giving them the opportunity to use their critical thinking in building using different resources. Large cardboard boxes in the garden, woodwork, building blocks using house templates, and tools and bricks.

A very special visitor popped in to see us towards the end of the month. Kim and her lovely new little baby boy. The children were very excited to see her and the baby.

Thankyou all that came to our Easter Open morning, and to those that bought raffle tickets. It was a great success and we hope you enjoyed our special activities. We raised a fantastic £800 which will be put towards 2 new laptops and an entertainer for the end of year celebration.

We would like to wish you all a “Hoppy Easter”!! Have a great break!

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