We’ve had a great 2 weeks at St Helen’s, learning more independence, developing new skills and welcoming more new boys and girls.

The children are doing a great job developing their independence skills. Some children showing care and kindness, helping to guide and support the younger children.

We explored some printing in the garden using dinosaurs in paint to create new and different marks on the paper.

Did you know Gemma is trained in Lego therapy? This term in brick club we are learning to do tricky towers, build a cube and sammy snake by only using just six bricks. The children are doing great at concentrating, listening and implementing instructions in their creations.

Our play dough was accompanied by the ginger bread man story, we read the story then the children had a go at creating their own gingerbread man, using rollers and shape cutters then selecting their decorations.

We celebrated the harvest festival last week, first by using paper cut into shapes to make a scarecrow.

Did you see our harvest box when you came in to preschool? It was full of autumnal things, vegetables, books about autumn and harvest, lots of great conversation starters to encourage language and help build the children’s knowledge on understanding the world.

We used some of the vegetables to paint with making prints and exploring the different patterns we could create. We also looked at some cooked vegetables, using our senses to smell and touch.

The vegetables made their way into the garden, where the children transported them to and from the “farm” with wheelbarrows.

At the end of the week we played a rolling game, first rolling some vegetables across the paint. The children worked amazing in a team, tipping the tray to make the vegetables move. Then rolling between each other while sat in a circle.

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