What a fun, spooky 2 weeks at St Helen’s, filled with learning, exploring, play, discovering and trying out new experiences and adventures, textures, tastes, dancing, yoga and just having the best time ever!

As you can see from the pictures, we’ve been as busy as ever. So many great activities to explore. Bathing babies, learning how to care for others, hoop jumping, working on those gross motor skills, woodwork, using our great concentration and creative minds, learning how things work with the remote control cars, following into Halloween week and celebrating all things autumn.

The children loved opening the pumpkins, exploring the insides, feeling, smelling, scooping and pouring. We added slime for extra texture to investigate.

The children were so clever cutting out and organising the different sized pumpkins into size order. Being sure to use the scissors safely and carefully.

Using our creative imaginations, we decorated pumpkins using, stickers, paint, glitter and pens. How amazing are they!

We tried very hard not to wake the BIG mummy spider, by carefully collecting her baby spiders out of the web using the scoop tongs. The children were so patient waiting for a turn and they were really engaged in this activity, throughout the day they kept asking for the “mummy spider game”.

We finished the week with a spooky bear hunt yoga, you can find the link to this on our Facebook page.

We hope you have a lovely half term. When we return we will be celebrating bonfire night and Diwali. Our planning board is in the reception area as you come into the building. If you have any ideas or input towards any topic plans we have for the next term we would love to hear, please speak to a member of staff.

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